1. Finalists will be announced after the fun auction.
    2. After the first round, the top 10 scoring participants will be invited to participate in the finals. Winners will be announced and awards presented at the banquet, on Saturday, February 17, 2018.
    3. Past winners, are not eligible to participate. Constants must be an OSAA member, pay the convention fee and the contest entry fee to be eligible to participate.
    4. Auctioneer Contest Entry Deadline is Friday at 1:00 pm. Contestants can bring their items throughout the day on Friday, 1:00 pm is the preferred time, but no later than 3:00 pm in order for the contest committee to begin marking and organizing the items.
    5. All contestants must attend contestant meeting in order to compete. Please see the OSAA Winter Meeting Schedule. Contestants will draw for their position in the contests immediately following the end of the last session on Friday. (We can announce a definite time during the day on Friday.) The contest committee will go over all entry forms prior to the contestant meeting, and the roll call will be conducted using the submitted entry forms. If a contestant is unable to attend the meeting, but can be there for the contest, they will automatically be first to go in the contest. If they are not there or are not ready when there number is called, they receive a no score.

    1. Must be a resident of Oklahoma
      If from outside the state of Oklahoma (state of residence) you must: be a member for two consecutive years and upon paying your 3rd consecutive annual dues you may compete as long as your state of residence allows Oklahoma to compete in their state competition. You must maintain at least 3 consecutive annual dues paid thereafter to continue to compete. If you decide to not compete after you have participated in a competition, you must maintain membership to stay eligible or start the process over.
    2. Must be a Regular member in good standing with the OSAA
    3. Pay the entry fee & the convention registration fee
    4. May be an OSAA Board Member
    5. Bring four (4) items. Contestant sells three items to be sold during the preliminary round and the fourth will be sold by the finalists contestants. Items should have a retail value of at least $25 EACH.

    1. Rookie Contestants MUST bring their auction school certificate to verify when they attended auction school. If no certificate, then they will not be considered a Rookie Contestant. They must have attended auction school after January 1, 2016 to be considered a Rookie.
    2. Rookie competitors may not compete in the Pro Division.

Contest Awards


$750 cash prize, plaque, one year OSAA dues paid, entry fee paid into the current year NAA Champion Competition at Conference and Show.

Reserve Champion


First Runner-up



$300 cash prize, plaque and one year OSAA dues paid

Rookie Reserve Champion