Rules & Information


Judges will be the same as the ones used in the Champion and Rookie Contests.


  • Must be a resident of Oklahoma*** (See below)
  • If out of state you must: be a member of the OSAA for two consecutive years and upon paying 3rd annual dues you can compete as long as your state of residence allows Oklahoma to compete in their state competition
  • Must be paid regular member of the OSAA
  • Must be registered for the convention in order to compete
  • Pay the entry fee
  • May be an OSAA Board Member
  • If contestant is eligible to compete in the Champion Auctioneer Contestant, they are eligible to win both contests
  • Selects his/her own Auctioneer or may elect to use the appointed Auctioneer
  • A competitor in the Auctioneer Contest MAY NOT be used as an Auctioneer in the Ringman Competition
  • Bring four (4) items to auction. The four items that are brought for the competition should have a value of $25 EACH
  • Each contestant will ring for the three (3) items from the floor with no microphone. The fourth item will be used later in the convention outside the contest
  • All fees and the entry fee must be paid no later than 1:00 p.m. on the day of the contest
  • Previous winners are not eligible to compete
  • Auction items must be turned in no later than 1:00 p.m. on the day of the contest. Contestants do not need to sit in the room during the entire preliminary round, but not being present when called to compete will result in disqualification with no refund of the entry fee. The two (2) highest scored Ringmen will be announced at the Saturday Night Banquet.
Champion Ringman

$300 cash prize, plaque, one year OSAA dues paid

Reserve Champion


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