March 2020 Chant


Due to COVID-19, the OSAA Board has decided to publish our newsletter digitally for the time being. Please let us know your thoughts as we all manage through the unknown in the upcoming weeks/months. We currently still have our Summer Conference scheduled for August 1-2, 2020, in Stillwater, OK.

More details will be sent via email as they become available.

We encourage fellow auctioneers to honor social distancing and the other guidelines provided by the government & CDC. 

Oklahoma State Auctioneers Association Dues run from January 1-December 31.
Don't forget to pay your dues!

President's Letter by Zach Vierheller

I would like to thank everyone who attended our Winter Meeting in February. We had a great convention. I want to congratulate our newest board members, Rick Miller and Matt Sandmann, I believe these two are going to be an asset to our organization. They both bring value to the board, and I look forward to working with them.  As we move forward into the new year, we are working hard to build a better organization for our members. Our new board is exploring new ideas to elevate our association as an example for others to follow. I appreciate everyones input at our Town Hall Meeting, we are working hard to implement the ideas presented.

We recently attended the NAA State Leadership Conference in Kansas City and brought back some ideas that I believe will help elevate our association to better benefit our members. I encourage everyone to attend our August Summer Conference in Stillwater. We are lining up some great speakers that we believe will add value to your businesses.

Our association is sitting in a much better situation than it was at this time last year and we will continue striving to improve it so that it continues to benefit our members. I’m very excited about our March 18th board meeting, where we have put into play our ideas for the new year, which I believe, will make our next summer and winter conference the best we have had in a long time.  I hope to see everyone in August.

Thanks again for the opportunity to serve as your OSAA President,

Zach Vierheller

Auctioneers are Problem Solvers by Barrett Bray

What is an auctioneer? Ask the general public, and you’re likely to get an answer related to fast talking or sale barns. Those close to the industry would argue something along the lines of the auction marketing model and market value. The answer that many of our clients would give, and one that I’m hearing more and more auctioneers finding identity in is a simple one: auctioneers are problem solvers. We, as an industry and as an association, have the ability to see the potential in situations, guiding our clients and steering our efforts toward the most desired outcome.

So, what do we do when WE are the ones facing the problem? How do we combat the governmental and societal mandates surrounding the crisis that we are finding ourselves in while still offering the same level of engagement, service, and trust that we have built? We have to be willing to innovate and adapt. The world is continuing to move toward a digital marketplace, and this pandemic could be an opportunity to add tools to our craft and increase the value that we bring. That could mean shifting a business strategy temporarily toward online auctions, or simply taking advantage of free or affordable resources to better communicate through the extent of this pandemic.

I’ve been pleased to see that some of the online auction platforms are offering reduced or free auction set-up packages for auction companies that are interested in transitioning, but don’t necessarily have the capital or the plans to continue indefinitely. I’ve also been impressed with the benefits of Zoom as a live, video conference or meeting option when “social distancing” is a concern. Sign Up Genius has been a great, free tool to allow buyers to schedule a time for load out, spacing the timing throughout the day and avoiding large groups that could come into question as we move forward.

Of course, our greatest resource and the one that continues to push innovation is our association and our we continue to stay in communication with each other, and keep an open mind about the shift that we are all likely to make in the coming months, we will all be strengthened by each other’s trials, experiences, failures, and successes. As you move forward and navigate the new landscape laid before us, please the end of the day, and at the end of this crisis, we are a family that will continue to stand together and thrive.

Barrett Bray, Vice-President

Expect the Unexpected: COVID-19 by Buck Hutchens

There is an old saying, “expect the unexpected.” Just a few weeks ago, we all leisurely gathered for the 2020 OSAA Winter Conference. What a fantastic learning experience and event. Many new friendships were made and old friendships were revisited. There were many handshakes, hugs, and conversations exchanged. Now here we are, a few weeks later, in the middle of COVID-19 crisis. I will be the first to admit, I never expected a pandemic like COVID-19 in my lifetime. So now, with its presence among our nation, our state, and likely our communities, I believe the “unexpected” is here, and we now must follow the suggestions and recommendations of heath care professionals.

“Flatten the Curve” has become a widely used slogan the past two weeks. What can we as fellow auctioneers and professionals practice in order to stop the spread of this virus? By this point, we have all seen the news about the precautions to be taken. But have we followed the precautions? Or have we pushed to continue business as usual? Like many of you, we have auctions scheduled the next few weeks. The daily question is, “Do we continue as planned?” How do we mitigate the risk to our families, employees, clients, and customers? Stay informed and alert to the changing conditions by visiting the Centers for Disease Control website and Oklahoma State Department of Health. March 17, Governor Stitt issued an Executive Order prohibiting gatherings of more than 10 people and avoiding discretionary travel. Have you considered re-scheduling any live or public auctions until the order is lifted? Online only auctions are one alternative. If you are not currently using an online auction platform and would like more information, contact any board member, and we would be happy to assist you. If you hold a live auction, then limit the attendees, follow CDC guidelines for “social distancing,” and host it simulcast to stay in compliance and as an alternative to customers. Unfortunately, by the time you read this, the number of cases will likely have risen. I hope and pray it doesn’t.

Keep an open mind and be mindful of others. Americans & Oklahoma Auctioneers are some of the most innovative and creative people on this earth and together we will make it through this challenging situation.

Buck Hutchens, Director

Get to Know Our New Board Members

Rick Miller

Name: Rick Miller

Family: My bride is Kelsea Miller, we have been married for over 14 years. We have 4 children (Caden 11, Ally Claire 8, Molly Lou 5, & Tucker 2). Kelsea is currently pregnant with our 5th child (girl), she will be born in May.

Awards: 2016 Tulsa New Leaders Award

Company & Location: Fund Your Org (Tulsa)

Specialties: Fundraising Consulting/Benefit Auctions

Years in the auction business: 14

Favorite Auction Memory: Mr Ed always would say to me “Son you will know you’ve made it in this business when they call you instead of me” I think of that conversation often. What am I doing to make my phone ring?

Best part about being a member of OSAA: OSAA provides me with networking and educational opportunities I cannot get anywhere else. The OSAA is my auction family.

Favorite Auction Education Topic: I am most interested in topics associated to business development, entrepreneurship, and innovation as it relates to small business.

How/when did you decide to become an auctioneer: I read the book “Millionaire Next Door” in 2006. The author discusses the auction profession in this book, and I signed up for auction school as I was finishing reading it. If you haven’t read “Millionaire Next Door,” I would highly recommend it.

Who introduced you to the OSAA and when: I was introduced to OSAA at auction school 2006. I attended my first OSAA winter conference that next year.

Matthew Sandmann

Name: Matthew Sandmann

Family: I am married to my wife, Dawna, of almost 7 years, and and we have two daughters: Abigail Grace (3), and Caitlin Jane (1)

Awards: 2019 Pro Bid Calling Runner Up

Company & Location: Sandmann Auction LLC, Atoka, OK

Specialties: We focus on onsite, live, estates and liquidations. However, we are starting to add more online auctions to our business.

Years in the auction business: I will be starting my 4th year in the auction business this year. Our first auction, Dawna was on maternity leave and Abigail was a month old.

Favorite auction memory: Every sale is a unique memory, so it is hard to choose one in particular.

Best part about being a member of the OSAA: It's the members. Being able to have a community of auction professionals to socialize and problem solve issues within our industry.

Favorite Auction education topic: I am always ready to learn. I do not believe I have a specific topic I like more than others. I just like to soak in as much information as I can, so I can better serve my sellers and buyers.

How/when did you decide to become an auctioneer: I always was interested, but it was my Dad who pushed me to go. Thankfully he did. I attended auction school in June of 2016, and my wife and I produced our first auction on Halloween weekend that year.

Who introduced you to the OSAA and when: I found OSAA online looking for contests and attended my first summer meeting in 2017. However, I was welcomed by a host of members. I appreciate every one of them. Being new in the industry, it is humbling to be welcomed and supported like I have been from the entire membership. Relief Fund: Free Auction Listings For 2 Months!

This is not a misprint! is offering a Relief Fund, in these tough economic times. Post your auction, send us an email if you need relief for that auction, and we will refund the cost of your auction post. No questions asked, strictly confidential. We as a community want to see you and your business stay strong and healthy.


Respond to the following and send us a direct message on Facebook or an email with your photo!

  • Name:
  • Family:
  • Awards:
  • Company & Location:
  • Specialties:
  • Years in the auction business:
  • Favorite auction memory:
  • Best part about being a member of the OSAA:
  • Favorite Auction education topic:
  • How/when did you decide to become an auctioneer:
  • Who introduced you to the OSAA and when:

We look forward to seeing you in 2020!

Please let us know if there are any education topics that you would like for us to consider.

-Cali Crissup & the OSAA Board-

Oklahoma State Auctioneers Association Pro-Bid Calling, Rookie, Junior, Ringman & Champion of Champions Competition Rules


  1. Addition of a “Champion of Champions” Division
    1. Must be a past OSAA Pro Division Champion
    2. Does NOT need to be a current DUES paid member
    3. Must be registered for the conference where contest is conducted
    4.  Must bring two (2) items to sell in the contest  and provide third if Finals round is conducted
    5. Champion of Champions Division to be conducted on Saturday evening.
    6. If there are ten (10) or less contestants no finals round will be conducted.
    7. If there are eleven (11) or more contestants, the top three (3) will compete in a finals round.
    8. Contest participation the first year will dictate how often contest is held. If there is high participation
  2. Contest Entry Fee
    1. Eliminate Entry Fee for all divisions of the contest.
  3. Out of State Eligibility.
    1. Remove the requirement that out of state members pay dues for three years to be eligible to compete.
    2. Remove the requirement that the members home state allow Oklahoma member to participate in their contest
  4. Number of contestants to bring back for Finals in Pro Division and other divisions if numbers grow to warrant the need.
    1. Up to 15 contestants entered = Top Five (5) Finalists to compete in Final Round
    2. 16-25 Contestants = Top Eight (8) Finalists to compete in Final Round
    3. 26 or more Contestants = Top Ten (10) Finalists to compete in Final Round
  5. Schedule Changes
    1. Junior & Champion of Champions Contest will take place on Saturday during the President's Banquet.


You can register online for the convention & contests


Entry forms may be mailed to:
Oklahoma State Auctioneers Association
P.O. Box 71, Stillwater, OK 74076

All other information is available on our website at For questions, Contact Cali Crissup, Executive Director at 580-327-7525

All Contests/Contestants - General Rules

  1. Contestants must pre-register by submitting entry form AND registration on or before entry deadline of 1:00pm on Friday to be eligible. Junior and Champion of Champion Deadline is 1:00pm on Saturday.
  2. Pro, Rookie & Ringman contestants shall be current, active (paid) members of the OSAA AND registered for the OSAA Convention at the time of the entry deadline. Champion of Champion contests must be registered for the OSAA Convention at time of entry and are encouraged to be a current member of the OSAA.
  3. Pro, Rookie & Ringman contestants must attend the Contestant Roll Call and Orientation Meeting scheduled for Friday at 4:00 p.m. at main stage in convention hall
  4. Junior and Champion of Champion contestants will meet and draw for order at 3:00pm on Saturday in the room designated for the sequester room for the pro division. Sound Check will be 3:30 or as soon as last education session ends.
  5. Contestants will draw for competing order during this orientation meeting
  6. The contest committee will go over all entry forms prior to the contestant meeting, and the roll call will be conducted using the submitted entry forms. If a contestant is unable to attend the meeting, but can be there for the contest, they will automatically be first to go in the contest. If they are not there or are not ready when their number is called to compete, they receive a no score with no refund of registration.
  7. The exact judging score sheets will be provided to contestants at this meeting
  8. The sound systems will be preset and will not be adjusted during the contest. All contestants will be given the opportunity to test the sound system during the orientation meeting
  9. Judges are selected prior to contest and their decisions and scoring will be final
  10. Each Contestant must provide four (4) items for auction valued at $25+ each, Junior & Champion of Champions must provide two (2) items for auction valued at $25+ each
  11. Each Contestant will sell their three of their own items during the competition
  12. Three of the items will be sold on Friday night in the Competitions and the fourth item from each contestant will be used for the Pro Contest Finals on Saturday
  13. All winners will be announced at the President’s Banquet, Saturday evening.
  14. Past winners are not eligible to compete in that division after winning.

Proposed Schedule

Friday Night

  • Ringman
  • Rookie & Pro


  • Pro Finalist Interviews
  • Junior Division
  • Champion of Champions
  • Pro Finals

Junior Division

  1. Contestant must be 16 years old OR younger on the day of competition
  2. Contestant must provide two (2) items for auction valued at $25+ each
  3. Contestant does NOT need to be registered for convention or a Dues Paid Member
  4. Contest to be conducted on Saturday evening
  5. Entries due by 1:00pm on Saturday
  6. FREE TO ENTER - PRIZE = $300 cash prize, buckle, plaque.

Champion of Champions Division

(Past OSAA Pro Champions)

  1. Contestants must be a prior OSAA Pro Division Champion
  2. Must be registered for the OSAA Winter Conference
  3. Not required to be current Dues Paid member (But encouraged)
  4. Contestant must provide two (2) items for auction valued at $25+ each
  5. NO Interview component to this Division - Same score sheet as Pro Division
  6. FREE TO ENTER - PRIZE = cash prize, Buckle, plaque
  7. Entries due by 1:00pm on Saturday.

Ringman Division

  1. Ringmen Contestants are eligible to compete in Ringmen AND Pro or Rookie Contest
  2. All other General Rules apply
  3. FREE TO ENTER - PRIZE = $300 cash prize, buckle, plaque, one-year OSAA dues paid
  4. Winners announced on Saturday at Awards Ceremony.

Rookie Division

(Attended auction school after January 1st of year before contest date)

  1. Rookie Contestants MUST bring their auction school certificate to verify when they attended auction school.
  2. They must have attended auction school after January 1, 2019
    1. (January one year prior to contest date) to be considered a Rookie.
  3. If no certificate is presented, then they will NOT be considered a Rookie Contestant.
  4. Rookie competitors may not compete in the Pro Division.
  5. All other General Rules apply
  6. FREE TO ENTER - PRIZE = $300 cash prize, Buckle, plaque, one-year OSAA dues paid
  7. Winners announced on Saturday at Awards Ceremony

Pro Bid Calling Division

(1+ years in the auction business)

  1. Preliminary round conducted Friday night at convention
  2. Finalists are announced Friday after Preliminary round and compete in the finals on Saturday
  3. Number of Finalists in final round is based on total number entered in that division. (≥ 15 = 5 finalists, 16-25 = 8 finalists, 26 or more = 10 finalists)
  4. Finals will consist of two rounds:
    1. An interview round consisting of Three questions (same for each contestant) conducted in the main convention hall with all other contestants sequestered in separate room. Interview questions will be professional in nature & open to the public.
    2. BID-CALLING FINALS round consisting of three items to be sold and Judged on same scoring criteria as the Preliminary Bid Calling round.
  5. Final Score will consist of - Interview X 40% and Finals Bid-Calling X 60% = 100% 6. FREE TO ENTER - PRIZE = $750 cash prize, Plaque, Buckle, one-year OSAA dues paid; entry fee paid into the current year IAC Competition at NAA Conference and Show.

Auctioneering: It’s More Than Just Fast Talking

The weekend of February 15-16, 2019 was a busy one for Oklahoma State Auctioneers Association (OSAA). This is when auctioneers from across Oklahoma gather for the Annual OSAA Winter Meeting, in Oklahoma City, OK, at the Embassy Suites Downtown OKC.

While several auctioneers come for the educational classes, the convention offers many more opportunities for both seasoned veterans of the auction profession as well as newcomers to the industry. Some say it’s the competition that attracts them. Others say it’s the entertaining nature of the business. Whatever the case, people everywhere are sold on auctions.

Real estate, collector cars, antiques, art, business equipment, electronics, livestock…it’s hard to name something that hasn’t been sold at auction. No one understands this better than the auctioneer himself. People who attend auctions often only see the auctioneer as someone who shows up the day of the auction and “talks fast”. Ask any full time auctioneer and you will find out that there is more to it then fast talking.

On Friday, February 15, the 2019 OSAA Winter Meeting kicked off with our Annual Competitions including the Oklahoma State Auctioneers Championship Bid Calling Champion, the sought after title at each years’ meeting. This is where men and women alike compete for this prestigious title and the opportunity to represent Oklahoma, not only at a state level, but also at the National Auctioneer Champion Contest held in New Orleans this summer.

Each year, we host an Advertising Contest for our membership, the winners are as follows.

  • Color Brochure—Schroeder Real Estate and Auction Co.
  • Color Sale Bill—United Country Heard Auctions & Real Estate
  • Black & White Sale Bill—Smith & Co. Auction & Realty, Inc.
  • Photography—United Country Heard Auctions & Real Estate
  • Postcard—United Country Heard Auctions & Real Estate
  • Stationary—Lippard Auctioneers Inc.
  • Newspaper—Entz Auction & Realty Inc.
  • Website—Entz Auction & Realty Inc.
  • Social Media Page—Lippard Auctioneers Inc.
  • Commercial Video—Lippard Auctioneers Inc.
  • Radio Spot—Smith & Co. Auction & Realty, Inc.

There is truly something for everyone at this convention, in addition to Champion Bid Calling, the Rookie & Jr.

Contests are included for the novice beginner and the Ringman competition is fierce. The following winners were announced at the 2018 Winter Meeting.

  • The 2019 Ringman Competition: Reserve Champion—Jennifer Queen & Champion—Ron L. Spiva
  • The 2019 Rookie Reserve Champion Sam Stomper, Rookie Champion—Cade Richeson
  • The 2019 Jr Contest Champion—Brandon Mendoza
  • The 2019 Finalist Bid Callers: Matt Sandmann, Jimmie Dean Coffey, Chris Foster, Buck Hutchens, Lee Frisendahl, Tony Wisely, Zach Vierheller, Tom Johnson
  • The 2019 Pro Bid Calling Competition: 3rd Place—Jimmie Dean Coffey, Reserve Champion—Matt Sandmann & the 2019 Pro Bid Calling Champion is Tony Wisely.
  • Last but not least, each year the OSAA chooses one member for the prestigious title of the OSAA Hall of Fame Inductee. This year, LeRoy Hendren received this honor.

Auctioneers create a competitive and entertaining atmosphere that attracts consumers to the sale. Their hand gestures, eye contact with the crowd and their rhythmic “chant” stirs buyers and brings the sale to life. It’s what separates auctions from other types of sales. Though one of the oldest methods of sale around, auctions continue to thrive and grow and are held today around the world. Auctioning has stayed tried and true with the times and continues to be a favorite among buyers and sellers.

New board members: Corky Heard President, Buck Hutches Vice President, directors: Tony Wisely, Barrett Bray & Zach Vierheller. Barrett is a three year & Zach is a 2 year position.

***Arkansas added Kirk Witcher and Dennis Huggins to replace Matt Godbehere & Brad Wooley, Kirk & Dennis have 3 year terms.

CONTACT: Oklahoma State Auctioneers Association, Cali Crissup, Executive Director @ 580-327-7525 or

2017 Contest Results

Results are in!

It was a amazing competition. the talent was huge.  so proud of everyone!
The Results are in…

Les Graham

Les Graham

2017 Rookie Competition Runner Up
Justin Knight

Justin Knight

2017 Rookie Competition Champion
Ron Spiva

Ron Spiva

2017 Ringman Competition 1st Runner Up
Brian Mooney

Brian Mooney

2017 Ringman Competition Reserve Champion
J.B. Robison Jr.

J.B. Robison Jr.

2017 Ringman Competition Champion
Vicki Wiggins Allen

Vicki Wiggins Allen

2017 Pro Bid Calling Competition 1st Runner Up
Donnie Stumpff

Donnie Stumpff

2017 Pro Bid Calling Competition Reserve Champion
J.B. Robison Jr.

J.B. Robison Jr.

2017 Pro Bid Calling Competition Champion
Lippard Auctioneers

Lippard Auctioneers

2017 Advertising Contest Winners

For Color Brochure

Heard Auction & Real Estate

Heard Auction & Real Estate

2017 Advertising Contest Winners


Wiggins Auctioneers

Wiggins Auctioneers

2017 Advertising Contest Winners


Ball Auctions

Ball Auctions

2017 Advertising Contest Winners

Post Card

Wiggins Auctioneers

Wiggins Auctioneers

2017 Advertising Contest Winners

Social Media Page

Smith & Co.

Smith & Co.

2017 Advertising Contest Winners

Color Sale Bill

Wiggins Auctioneers

Wiggins Auctioneers

2017 Advertising Contest Winners


Wiggins Auctioneers,

Wiggins Auctioneers,

2017 Advertising Contest Winners

Commercial Video Company Branding

Heard Auction & Real Estate

Heard Auction & Real Estate

2017 Advertising Contest Winners

Commercial Video Auction Showcase

Smith & Co.

Smith & Co.

2017 Advertising Contest Winners

Black & White Sale Bill

Bellamy & Co.

Bellamy & Co.

2017 Advertising Contest Winners


Bellamy & Co.

Bellamy & Co.

2017 Advertising Contest Winners

Radio Spot

OSAA past president, Wayne Casteel will be greatly missed

Wayne Casteel, 79, of Lucien, Oklahoma, was the son of Howard Thomas and Nettie Velma (Roberts) Casteel. He was born July 29, 1933 on the Casteel
family farm in Marshall, Oklahoma and died December 31, 2012 at OU Medical Center in Edmond, Oklahoma.

He was a 1951 graduate of Covington High School.  Wayne served his country in the United States Army from 1953 to 1955, spending 16 months in Germany.

Wayne married his best friend and sweetheart, Martha Ann Stotts on June 3, 1956 at the Pleasant Hill Church south of Covington, Oklahoma.

Wayne started his career in 1949 but he began auctioneering in Noble County in 1958.  He opened his auctioneer/real estate office in 1970.  He has been in the real estate business since he was sixteen years old.

Wayne has ridden his horse in the Cherokee Strip Parade every year since 1956, being named the Parade Marshall in 2010.

In, 1964, he was instrumental in developing the rural water district in Noble County.  Wayne was an avid supporter of the FFA programs in several communities.

Wayne received his American Farmer Degree.

He enjoyed raising cattle and ranching along with his auctioneering and selling real estate, but above all he loved spending time with his family and many friends.

Wayne was a member of the Elks Lodge, the American Legion, IOOF Lodge and the VFW.  He was a member of the United Methodist Church in Lucien, Oklahoma.

Funeral services will be 2:00 p.m., Saturday, January 5, 2013 at the Chisholm Trail Expo Coliseum, 111 W. Purdue, Enid, Oklahoma.  Rev. Tommy Donaldson will officiate. Rev. Ruth Atterbury and Rev. Martin Foster will assist.  Interment will be at McGuire Cemetery, Lucien, Oklahoma. Services are under the direction of Brown-Dugger Funeral Home in Perry, Oklahoma.

Family will receive friends from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., Friday, January 4, 2013 at Brown-Dugger Funeral Home in Perry, Oklahoma.

Memorials may be made to the Wayne Casteel Memorial Scholarship fund in care of Brown-Dugger Funeral Home, 1010 N. 7th  Perry, Oklahoma 73077.

Wayne is survived by wife, Martha of the home; four sons, Marty Casteel and his wife, Stacy of Lucien, Oklahoma,  Mark Casteel of Cleveland, Oklahoma, Mike Casteel of Lucien, Oklahoma, Micky Casteel and his wife, Susan of Englewood, Florida; one daughter, Marnita Rupp and her husband, Kory of Marshall, Oklahoma; eighteen grandchildren, Marty Casteel of Perry, Oklahoma, Micheal Casteel and his wife, Crystal of Stillwater, Oklahoma, Colton Casteel of Edmond, Oklahoma, Kaylee Casteel and JD Wayne Casteel both of Lucien, Oklahoma, Laci Mier and her husband, Arthur of Marshall, Oklahoma, Karim Kokojan and her husband, Josh of Waukomis, Oklahoma, Brandon Casteel and his wife, Lindsay of Perry, Oklahoma, Ryan Ross and his wife, Jessica of Mooreland, Oklahoma, Kylie Coker of Stillwater, Oklahoma, Jessica Casteel and Cody Casteel of Englewood, Florida, TJ Casteel and his wife, Bonnie of Lucien, Oklahoma, Kasey Casteel and Roxann Hunt of Lucien, Oklahoma, Kandis Rupp, Bryon Rupp and Riley Rupp all of Marshall, Oklahoma; fifteen great-grandkids, Kadyn Casteel, Korbyn Casteel and Kyzar Casteel all of Stillwater, Oklahoma, Ali Mier and Gabe Mier of Marshall, Oklahoma, Kason Kokojan and Layne Kokojan of Waukomis, Oklahoma, Lexi Kuykendall, Ethan Ross, Kelsey Ross all of Mooreland, Oklahoma, Saylor Gallaway, Briar Gallaway and Sutton Gallaway all of Stillwater, Oklahoma, Matthew Sink of Englewood, Florida, Matt Douglas Casteel of Lucien, Oklahoma; two sisters, Ruth Kingery of Witchita, Kansas; Martha Olmstead and her husband, Buell of Covington, Oklahoma.

He is preceded in death by his parents, Howard and Nettie Casteel; one son, Matt Douglas Casteel; one brother, Charles Jay; one sister, Ruby Branson.

Online condolences may be sent to the family using the online guestbook at

Winter Meeting February 3-5, 2012 information

Make plans to attend this year’s Winter Meeting on February 3-5,2012 at the Heritage Place in Oklahoma City.

This year, the host hotel will be:

Embassy Suites/OKC
1815 S. Meridian
Oklahoma City, OK  73108
Jon Ostrowski
Call and make your reservations today and tell them you are with the OSAA.
All rooms are two-room suites and will be $109 a night.

Complimentary Cooked-to-Order Breakfast

A large, healthy breakfast will start your day out right. Enjoy our breakfast buffet, complete with scambled eggs, bacon, sausage, biscuits and gravy, French toast, pancakes, hot/cold cereals, breakfast pastries or let our Breakfast Chef cook you up an omlet (made to order); top it off with assorted juices, milk and/or coffee.
Embassy Suites Oklahoma City - Will Rogers World Airport Hotel, OK - Manager's Reception
Manager’s Reception
A quick refreshment at the Manager’s Reception can provide a great pick-me-up before you head out to dinner. Alternatively, you can take a little more time and enjoy a glass or two of your favorite libation and light snack.

They have complimentary wireless internet throughout the hotel.

OSAA Summer Conference

This year’s Summer Conference will be held in Stillwater, OK on August 6th and 7th. Make your hotel reservation at the Stillwater Plaza Hotel & Conference Center. Rooms are $64.95 and are reserved under the OSAA name. The hotel is pet friendly and includes a continental breakfast. To reserve your room contact Sean Haley at 405-377-7010. More information can be found in the June edition of The Chant.

2011 Annual Convention

Convention dates are February 4-6, 2011.
The OSAA Board of Directors selected the famous Heritage Place as the location for the convention, siting that this is the perfect venue for auctioneers to gather for networking and education programs.

Heritage Place is located at:  2829 S Macarthur Blvd, Oklahoma City, OK.  We are finalizing the hotel for overnight accommodations.

Christie King, CAI, is selected to kick-off the convention, additional speakers are being confirmed.

Larry Theurer, CAI, has graciously accepted our invitation to present his “State of the Real Estate Industry” presentation.

Mark your calendars and check back for additional information.

We have a block of rooms ready for auctioneers to make hotel reservations, please click here to learn more about the Hilton Garden Inn, Oklahoma City Airport. Our room rate is $89.00 per evening.

2010 Convention Highlights

The recent OSAA Annual Convention was very successful. Attendees enjoyed the education sessions and had a front row seat to see the new president installed, newest member to the Hall of Fame inducted and new contest champions.

  • Jeff Crissup, Helena, OK,  installed as 2010 President
  • Larry Fredrick, South Coffeyville, OK, inducted into OSAA Hall of Fame
  • Jeff Tebow, Oklahoma City, OK,  2010 State Champion Auctioneer
  • Marty Hill,  South Coffeyville, OK, Ringman Champion
  • Josh  Bellemy, Cherokee, OK,  Rookie Champion

Advertising Contest Winners

  • Full Color Brochure – Eddie Haynes, Eddie Haynes Auctioneers
  • Multi Color Brochure – Stephen Karbelk, National Commercial Auctioneers
  • Black & White Brochure – Joey Stallings, United Country /Stallings Auctions
  • Stationary – Perry Wiggins, Wiggins Auctioneers
  • Website – Troy Lippard, United Country / Lippard Auctioneers